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A-1 Plus Electrical

Install a Portable Generator / Transfer Switch in 77007

great to work with, flexible, good advice on options. I hired them to install a transfer switch, gas line and portable generator

-- Sandro M.

Generator Exchange, LLC

Install a Fixed Generator in 77008

These guys are straight shooters. Russell will get you what you need and both he and Ronnie supervise your install. Ronnie does all the electrical work and knows the answer to any questions you may have about the generator. Russell will try to work within your budget but also let you know you can get a whole-house generator for 12K to 14K depending on how far electrical/gas lines need to be trenched on your property. My house is 2585 Sq.ft. and lines had to be ran 75 feet resulting in an additional 2K so my cost for a 22KW generator was $13,510 for the whole install. So, if you can get your generator unit close to your electrical panel and gas meter the cost is reduced significantly and you may be able to do the same size generator for about 11.5K. I am not big on telling people what to do but I will tell you if you lower your generator purchase from 22KW to a 16KW to save money, this is a huge mistake. The difference in cost is about $1,000. The install costs are relatively the same for all installs--this means there are plumbing, electrical, trenching and permits for every install and these are costs when added to the generator purchase are fairly static--so the only real way you can cut your cost is to buy a smaller generator--but when you consider increasing your generator from 11KW to 16KW or even 22KW only costs about $1,000 per jump to the next level you can see this not a smart move to save only 1K to 2K. What I am trying to say here: if you are going to have to spend 10K on an 11KW generator but it will only run half the items in your house and possible not even your Air Conditioning unit, jumping to a 22KW will only increase your cost by about $2,000 and you will be able to run your entire house. I could understand if reducing your installation to a 16KW or 11KW cut the cost in half but it does not because all the items I mentioned above are static costs no matter what size generator you install--so please, spend the extra $2,000 to get the right size unit. Ok, that is all the advice I have on your purchase.

They also extended the 2 year bumper to bumper warranty to 5 years for purchasing their 5 year maintenance contract for $444 a year. This is a deal--if you shop all your generator options you will find the general warranty is 2 years and extensions cost about $1,200 to $1,500 to extend to a 5-year warranty. If you do the math and are interested in extending your generator warranty to 5 years, Generator Exchange is handling all your maintenance and any issues that may occur for three years before you even start to incur any cost beyond the 5-year warranty extension.

For the annual fee of $444, which you can pay monthly or all at once, they install a smart meter on your generator so when it cuts on every two weeks (you can select whatever interval you think is appropriate) they receive a report and can run diagnostics on your unit. Also, if a hurricane/tropical storm is imminent you can turn your generator on for a few minutes so Generator Exchange receives a status report on your unit to make sure it is fully functional and ready for constant use.

-- Rob W.

A-1 Plus Electrical

Install a Generator in 77009

David Saldana provided excellent service!

-- Mariesse S.

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